White Spirit (Solvent 402) kermanshah Refinery

White spirit is the most popular and prominent solvent in the market. It has dominated the market in the past months. It is a mixture of low aromatic and Paraffinic hydrocarbon with low Distillation range (140-200 Degrees Celsius). Solvent 402 is transparent, colorless and It has a gentle smell which is chemically stable. For more information about fee and catalog of the products or if you have any inquiry about Kia Middle East trading company’s services, you can contact us.

white Spirit (Solvent 402) kermanshah refinery

Usage of White Spirit (Solvent 402)

White spirit is a practical product which is used in various industries. Some examples of these industries are as follows:

  • It is used as paint thinner
  • It is used as solvent in paint dryer industry
  • It is used as solvent in printing of fabric
  • It is used as oil solvent from metal surfaces
  • It is used as vax solvent which is used in the house such as carpet vax
  • It is used as solvent in dry cleaning industry
  • It is also used as a crucial substance for gas purification
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Solvent 402’s transactions

Kia Middle East trading company is one of the key sellers in the solvent market. We sell WS with high quality which is made by Kermanshah oil refining company. Last year, Kia Middle East trading company has sold more than 282 billion Tomans of white spirit in the domestic market. In other words, we have more than 17 percent of the domestic market. We sold more than 55955 tones of WS in the domestic market.

 Market value (Billion toman((Volume (tonMarket share
Solvent 402 (domestic market)282.655955percent 17.8
Solvent 402 (International market)6712415 percent 31

Solvent 402’s analysis

Solvent 402 is sold in irenex.ir. You can find out more about its analysis below:

white Spirit (Solvent 402) kermanshah refinery

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